Create a brain that aims to coexist with people and machines.

I wanted to make things that fly in the sky with my own hands, and in 2011 I began making drones in a corner of the university. At that time the name of Drone was not widespread and its name was not famous, it was called a small unmanned aerial vehicle. I thought that it would be exciting to be able to fly freely freely by utilizing artificial intelligence with the land pattern that specializes intelligence engineering among aerospace department department. We calculated the performance of the motor by ourselves, and designed the circuit by ourselves. , Sometimes I made frames until I made my own 3D printer. In order to respond to the needs of the people who operate it, we face each other one by one and solve the problem and develop it. Today, drone has become a topic little by little, but in terms of practical use the topic of accidents does not go a long way. It is easy to buy suitable parts and make drones, but there is a deeper world to withstand fine needs, safety, and business yields. We believe that our drone can fight thoroughly in every aspect of safety and maintenance, because it is a mobility of technologies all of which we have made with our own hands. Until now, we have had opportunities involved in a wide range of projects ranging from infrastructure inspection, fully automated infrastructure using artificial intelligence, logistics and space development, and we have been working on development. Today, not only drone, but also technology transfer to self-propelled and industrial machinery, etc. has begun and it has begun to have a large spread regardless of domestic and overseas. We will continue to advance one step at a time so that our own research and development technologies can be useful in society.


I want to fly away the unknown world with exciting, reality, state-of-the-art technology development.
 Drones are also talking about news. On the other hand, industrialization still has a long way to go. In order to fly at the place you want to skip, a sensor appropriate for that place is required. We need considerable experience as to whether we can combine them well. There are also a lot of safety issues. We are promoting various research and development in order to make a safe sky future.
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From big things to small things, for indoor and outdoor, sky, space, underwater.
Customization development is the basis of our company. We have prepared a standard aircraft that can respond quickly to purpose and application, We will respond flexibly to your needs, such as changing cameras, adding collision prevention devices, and cooperating with existing systems. We will propose the optimum system combining various technologies and optional functions possessed within our company after hearing of customer's business and operational environment. It is also possible to select systems that are unusual for other companies such as aircraft specialized for indoor flight, fully autonomous flight, automatic charging and so on.
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From the introduction study, data analysis and operation to full support unique to manufacturers.
We offer not only drone but also service of the entire robotics. Technologies that have been developed during the process of developing drone have been widely used in automotive devices, industrial machinery, space applications, etc. We support a wide range of products ranging from single point development to mass production model.
It is also possible to analyze the data of drone and accompanying equipment data in an integrated manner. We also provide consulting services including creation of technology roadmap.
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I would like to meet with you.
 Hongo Aerospace, Inc. is a research and development company of robotics that develops unmanned aerial vehicles (drone) and devices for space. We are actively recruiting engineers in various fields, not limited to drones. We are looking for people who like to make things, robot engineers who can use ROS, engineers engaged in artificial intelligence and image analysis, web engineers and others who develop on the front line. Even in seemingly unrelated areas such as architecture, you may be able to open up a new future by combining it with a robot. I want to challenge new things, I believe that such feelings will change the world, I am recruiting in a wide range of interns and part-time jobs for employees and college students.
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